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The Haute-ville, or upper city, centred on the city’s original hill site at the Plateau des Tranchées and dominated by the Cathedral of St. The typical medieval and Renaissance houses are crowded together along narrow streets.

This neighbourhood has undergone relative depopulation as housing has given way to government buildings and art, antiques, and interior furnishings businesses.

The first roleplaying games were played around a campfire, thousands of years ago, with only the voice of the storyteller keeping everyone in a kind of trance.

One of Europe’s most cosmopolitan cities, Geneva has served as a model for republican government and owes its preeminence to the triumph of human, rather than geographic, factors.

The sheer number of rpgs that are available to players today is enough to give pause to the toughest and most decided rpg gamer.

With that in mind, we’ve put together this site, trying to collect in one place the best rpg sites that today exist online.

Immigration to Geneva has consisted not only of the traditional contingents from Italy, France, and the Iberian Peninsula but also of a rising number from the Americas, Asia, and Africa.

Although the large foreign presence is one of the constants of the city’s demography, French remains the first language of Geneva.

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